Montana - lyrics

I’m not smart enough for this life I’ve been living
A little bit slow for the pace of the game
It’s not I’m ungrateful for all I’ve been given
But nevertheless just the same

I wish to my soul I was back in Montana
High on my mountain and deep in the snow
Up in my cabin, over the valley
Under the blankets with you

Over the ocean from here
Over the mountains from there

Who can imagine the scale of the forces
That pushed this old mountain range up in the sky
Tectonic creation, erosion, mutation
Something to pleasure God’s eye

The world is a wonder of lightning and thunder
The green of the ground as we fall from the sky
The old and new faces the tribes and the races
The thousands of places to try

Over the ocean from here
Over the mountains from there

One sits and waits while the other one wanders
And squanders his time with a life on the road
Down from the mountain, across the wide ocean
The world is in motion and cannot be slowed

Enough for the day, the demands of the moment
The thing on my mind is the work in my hand
Wood for the wood stove and water for coffee
Something I can still understand

We’ve got a few friends but not many neighbors
The trip into town takes us most of the day
And after “Hello” and “It’s sure good to see you”
It seems like there’s nothing to say

Over the ocean from here